Of course, we need single payer or at least a public option. Either would provide a huge pool of healthy contributo­rs and provide competitio­n for the profit insurance industry. Obama, Republican­s and many Democrats opposed both options. And so long as payoff money in the form of campaign contributi­ons buys votes in Congress and the White House real reform will never be achieved.

File:Anna Ancher3.jpg

Vouchers are another way of providing subsidies – or taxpayer welfare – to the profit insurance industry. Vouchers are a terrible idea driven by right wing, so called “free market” ideologues­.

What will happen to the elderly when the vouchers pay only a small part of a hefty health insurance premium? Nobody seems to care.

The real mystery here is why so many average Americans support the hair brained voucher program.

Perhaps, it is because too many citizens are American Idol addicts who really don’t care and their greatest fear is that Gilligan may never get off the island.


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