Will A Second Obama Administration Be A Threat To The Social Programs The Middle Class Holds Dear???

The Obama Commission to gut social programs became a near scandal during the first Administration. Fortunately for us all the Commission collapsed under the weight of its own hypocrisy. Here’s a look back that gives good reason to be very concerned.


Erskine Bowles (left) plotted with Clinton and Gingrich to revamp Social Security during the Clinton years.  Privatization was under discussion.

Just in case you missed it the first time around, here are the members Obama appointed to his deficit commission and the Democratic and Republican leaders he appointed to select the balance of members. Obama’s selections ensured a commission membership long dedicated to destroying Social Security and Medicare.  

Obama played his liberal supporters for fools .  He had every intention of following the recommendations of his Deficit Commission and he was certain the members would include drastic cuts to safety net programs. Obama stated publicly that everything was on the table and that of course included Social Security and Medicare.

To ensure that cuts to the safety net programs were included in the report, Obama rigged the commission so that it was stacked with right wingers.

Here are the names of the people Obama appointed to the Deficit Commission in a betrayal as profound as any foisted upon the middle class since the day Bill Clinton signed NAFTA. Soon to become known as the Commission to Gut Social Security and Medicare or The Cat Food Commission, it was  stacked with aristocrats. Yes, that’s right, our bettors in the oligarchy have been saying to us for decades “let them eat cat food” and the commission gave expression to that desire.

First up, Alan Simpson, co-chair, and a tired old elitist straight out of the dominant class, whose views on Social Security are now very well known.  He hates it and is a definite yes against SS.

Erskine Bowles, another elitist and Clintonista, comes from a long line of aristocrats, and was willing a decade ago to gut and possibly even privatize Social Security, when he contrived a plot with Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich to ravage the safety net.  You can be grateful to Monica Lewinsky for undermining these aristocratic machinations.  Clinton was much too distracted by impeachment proceedings to undertake a controversial matter.  So the elitist Bowles is a definite yes vote to cut SS and Medicare benefits.

Also appointed by Obama, David Cote, a Republican no less, a third vote against SS.

Alice Rivlin, a Clintonista, who will also vote against SS. 

Ann Fudge, a CEO straight from the oligarchy.  She represents the fifth Obama appointee who will vote to diminish if not demolish SS and Medicare.

Andrew Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union.  He should be a strong supporter of SS and a no vote on gutting the program.

So far the Obama appointees will vote five to one to cut social programs.  These appointees represent another betrayal by Obama of the supporters who got him elected.  But we’re getting used to it.

And now for the members appointed by Harry Reid and what a crew this is.

Richard Durbin, the Illinois senator and a reliable liberal, who you would think would be a strong supporter of social programs, has been waffling lately.  Give him a fifty-fifty chance of voting against SS and Medicare.

Senators Kent Conrad and Max Baucus, strong red state conservatives, will vote to gut the programs.

If Durbin stays loyal, the vote to gut will be two to one.  Combined the vote stands at seven to two to gut.  And these are the Democratic appointees.

Now for the Republicans appointed by Mitch McConnell.

They are Senators Judd Gregg, Tom Coburn and Mike Crappo.  They will all vote to gut.  The only questions is how much and will they attempt an end run and present a plan to privatize and destroy.

The vote so far is ten to two to gut the social programs.

Nancy Pelosi’s appointees are John Spratt, a fiscal conservative; Xavier Becerra, who is willing to make tough choices; and Jan Schakowsky, a strong supporter of social programs.  I’m calling this two to one to gut SS and Medicare.

The total so far is twelve to three to gut.

John Boehner appointed Paul Ryan, Jeb Hensarling and Dave Camp, all reliable gut votes.

The vote stands at fifteen to three to gut social programs.  And the whole pathetic travesty has been a set up from the start.  Fourteen votes are needed to pass the right wing agenda and it’s possible the conservatives could peel off the Durbin vote.

Did you happen to catch the name Paul Ryan in that gaggle of mostly right wing extremists? Yes, that’s right, that Paul Ryan.  On the Obama Deficit Commission no less.

Thanks Barack.  You’re approaching rat fink status. 


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