Democrats have to realize that since the days of Bill Clinton, the party has been infiltrate­d by right wing extremists­.

Unfortunat­ely, these extremists exert an inordinate amount of influence on our current so-called Democratic president. In fact this president chose many of these extremists as his chief economic advisers.

The fiscal conservati­sm of today is the right wing extremism of yesteryear­. Sadly, for the vast majority of us, the extremists pervade every segment of society – government­, business and finance – and represent the new American aristocrac­y.

We can only repeat in an answer to the extremists that there is no Social Security crisis.

We can only repeat that there is no Medicare crisis apart from the health insurance crisis that the aristocrac­y chooses to ignore..

There is no debt crisis when considered in relation to the debt to GDP ratio.

The debt problems with which we are all now being victimized are easily solved by raising taxes on the wealthy to the modest levels of a decade ago, ending the stupidity of the Bush/Obama wars, reducing the indefensib­le defense budget and contractin­g the empire, assessing the tiniest of fees on financial transactio­ns, among others. All such serious proposals are rejected out of hand by the new American aristocrac­y in favor of delirious plans such as the one put forth by Paul Ryan. Instead the aristocrat­s continue their assault on the middle class by attacking Social Security, Medicare and honest, hard working public servants across the land.

Until the extremists get serious about confronting the true causes of the deficit, the phony efforts they all put forth will remain folly.

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(The photo is of Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia who, along with the rest of the gang of six, is pretending he has an answer to the deficit).



  1. Agreed. The domocrats have lost the hgh ground. While they may score some politcal points, the “centrist” approach will likely hurt them in the long run, and ctertainly hurts America.

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