Can nuclear energy plants be made safe? Probably. Can we trust CEOs, regulators and inspectors to ensure that the reactors are built and maintained in a safe and secure manner?  Absolutely not!!

Senators Schumer and McConnell speak out in favor of nuclear energy.

Until recently, I was a strong supporter of nuclear power plants. It seemed the wave of the future, an inevitabil­ity and the technology is available to make the plants safe and sound.

Could we trust contractor­s who build the plants to make them safe? Could we trust that a contractor would not skimp on testing and materials to enhance the bottom line?

Could we trust that a CEO in charge of operating a nuclear plant would not economize by minimizing maintenanc­e or extending scheduled repairs or purchasing inferior material?

Could we trust that government regulators and inspectors would ensure that required testing of materials was accomplish­ed, that weld x-rays were accurate and certificat­ions genuine?

In another country perhaps. But as conditions exist in the United States of America today we can trust neither contractor­s, nor executives in charge nor government regulators and inspectors to perform their duties as required by law. In a country where baksheesh has become a way of life, we proceed with the constructi­on of nuclear power plants at our peril.

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