Expect more nonsense from the gang of six.

Like all right wing elites in Washington­, the gang of six are part a New American Aristocrac­y seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of a hard working middle class

This gang of six committee is just another rigged right wind deficit commission whose members have Social Security and Medicare in the cross- hairs.

Informed people should know by now that the deficit is a phony issue created by warmongeri­ng and huge tax cuts for the very richest among us.

Any honest approach to reducing the deficit must include increasing tax rates to the modest level that existed during the economic boom of the Clinton years; reducing the utterly horrid war making budget; ending the disastrous wars: reigning in the American empire; levying the tiniest of fees on financial transactio­ns; lifting the cap on Social Security contributi­ons; and reforming health insurance with a Medicare for all program. Deficit over.

The gang of six is a fake committee. It is composed of five right wing deficit extremists and one Democratic apostate. Clearly its mission is to continue the economic assault that is currently ravaging the middle class while protecting wealthy donors who provide the payoff money that finances campaigns.

If you believe anything else, you have been duped by a carefully orchestrat­ed media and right wing propaganda blitz.

The great mystery in all of this is how so many working class Americans have fallen hook, line and sinker for this most fraudulent of campaigns.

What part of we are the richest nation in the world whose middle and working classes are being skinned to the bone by a resurgent American Aristocrac­y don’t working people understand­?

Right wing elites have lowered wages and eliminated jobs, reduced benefits and destroyed pensions. And now they want our Social Security. And they will get it because so many American voters have been duped into believing we are broke.

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