Lotsa sick people without health insurance get stuck with bills from hospital corporations amounting to tens of thousands of dollars and for really sick people maybe a hundred thousand dollars or more.

Well, here are a few ideas for sick folks that could help them pay off all those medical bills they keep getting from Wall Street hospitals.


How about a church throwing a barbecue chicken dinner. Like sympathetic fellow congregants could deliver cold, underdone chicken to like factories and stuff. Why I bet they could raise a hundred fifty, two hundred bucks easy.

Or how about a fifty fifty raffle. Another hundred bucks. Couldn’t hold the drawing in church though. Hafta have it in the fellowship building. Although that might not be such a good idea either. There’s been some funny fellowshipping going on in those buildings.

I know! How about a bingo night? Oh, sorry, you gotta be Catholic for that.

Well, then, how does a majawanna sale sound. Sure the stuff’s illegal but so what!  Bet the proceeds would pay for a year’s worth of treatments and then some. And you could promote the sale by word of mouth and hold it in the dead of night. Might even get some local cops to chip in if you threw in a free donut or two. After all it is for a worthy cause.

On the other hand, why not show some good ole fashioned fortitude and just let sick people die like a brave American should. After all, more than half of us voted to have things this way. Screw a bunch a sick, poor people, right. Who needs ’em anyway. They just keep gettin’ in the way of things. And besides, it’s the American way and we’re prooooud of it. At least half of us are anyway.

Let’s face it folks. Cruelty to fellow Americans has become a way of life in this country. That right wing Eric Cantor fella sure sounds proud of it. And Paul Ryan, the right wing super juicer who’s out to get even with future grandmas and grandpas, just can’t seem to get enough of free market, free enterprise, Ayn Randian every one for himself libertarianism.  Of course that’s mainly because the whole system is rigged in favor his rich country club payoff money buddies.  

So get out your wallets and fork over seven bucks and go buy you some dead chicken and grab you one of those semi-warm barbecue dinners so some poor schlock without health insurance can pay off his humongous corpo hospital bill.  And if the chicken happens to be a little underdone, well there’s always the canned baked beans and coal slaw and the squashed store bought dinner role to feast on.  I wouldn’t stray too far from the Imodium though.  Or the facilities for that matter. 

Anyway, it’s always seemed to me that if a chicken can make the ultimate sacrifice to help some poor schlock pay a corpo hospital bill and after more than half the damn country voted to deny health insurance benefits to the poor schlock in the first place and you were probably one of ’em and are prooooud of it, the least you can do is buy some shitty chicken barbecue dinner.

Oh, by the way, that word up there a paragraph or two should be coleslaw.  Just cause I voted to git rid of Medicare and give those nice folks on Wall Street my Social Security money doesn’t mean I’m stupid ya know.  I mean like a seven dollar chicken dinner is a lot cheaper than payin’ fer somebody else’s hospital insurance. I’d just as soon let the chickens pay.  See, I ain’t so stupid after all.

(The photo is in the public domain).


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