Cut Mitt loose and he’ll hang himself just as his father did those many years ago.

Here’s a story most everyone has heard by now but I never tire of repeating. As a candidate for president George Romney tried to reverse his position supporting the Vietnam War. Sometime after returning from a trip to that worn torn country he announced that he had been “brainwash­ed” by the generals during his tour.

Eugene McCarthy, also a candidate for president, came up with one of the best political retorts ever when he said: “I should think a light rinse would do.”

Shortly thereafter Romney’s campaign went bust and he withdrew. His remark about being brainwashe­d washed him up in politics for good.

Perhaps a light rinse could cleanse from Mitt’s brain the idea that he can flip flop his way to the presidency.


Romney said he wanted to hang the Obama Misery Index around his neck.  Uh, metaphorically that is.  Anyway, when the circus was over – I mean his speech in New Hampshire – the damage was somewhat mitigated and the press gave him another free pass.  What is clear though is that the formerly moderate Romney is running so far to the right and so fast that he’s about to fall off the spectrum.

Well, circuses are always fun and Romney’s should be a three ringer with every act in the book.  Metaphorically speaking, that is.  

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