I’m not given to conspiracy theories but here is one I’ve thought about often.


The mountains of Pakistan, exactly where Osama bin Laden wasn’t. Could it really be that our intelligence (sic) agencies were led on a wild goose chase for nearly a decade?

The Bush Family has had a close relationship with Saudi royals for decades. Osama bin Laden is the son of a powerful, wealthy and influential Saudi family. In fact Osama was once a wealthy man himself. He was of course stripped of his riches. But he managed to live safely for years in conditions of relative comfort apparently not wanting for any earthly necessities. Someone from somewhere was providing substantial support for bin Laden. He may have even been receiving dialysis treatments at a nearby military hospital.

Was the Bush Family and the president himself asked by Saudi royals to spare bin Laden and did they consent? Did the president order intelligence services off the hunt? Were efforts deliberately misdirected to the Pakistani tribal regions?

The fact that he lived in an upscale neighborhood in plain view of the Pakistani army and intelligence services for some nine years lends at least some credence to that view.

It begs the imagination that such a situation could exist for nearly a decade without some very high level support.

This post goes under the category of pet peeves because it seems now as though Bin Laden roamed freely for nearly a decade with what appears to have been very little interest on the part of the U.S. government.

(Except where otherwise noted, the photos in this blog are in the public domain).


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