Third Way is just another group of right wing conservatives who claim to be Democrats but whose goal is to sabotage the Democratic Party as we have come to know it and in the process make it even more corporation friendly than it already is.

File:Whirlpool Rapids Bridgea.jpg

The Third Way’s goal for the traditional Democratic Party:  Throw it off the bridge and into the river and through the rapids to ultimate extinction.

They call themselves centrists, much like the right wing Clintonistas, but their purpose is to advocate for corporate friendly policies and enhance the flow of big time corporate money into Democratic Party coffers.

They are Republicans in a Democratic mantle. And I don’t mean former so called Eisenhower Republicans. They are right wing, they espouse extremely conservative ideas and their third way is really a disguised conservative Republican way.

Their goal is to get Democrats elected because it puts them in a position of power and influence. It doesn’t matter that their policies are right wing corporate friendly positions. Their goal is to get elected and by so doing to draw political power to themselves.  And with that power they will serve their payoff money masters.

They appear to be very reasonable, very responsible, very compromising, very what they call “centrist.” In reality they are nothing more than right wing, corporate friendly power seekers whose goal is to transform the traditional Democratic Party into just one more right wing, money grubbing organization.

They have been infiltrating the Democratic Party since the days of right wing Bill Clinton and they are slowly achieving their goals.


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