No propaganda isn’t a live volcano belching forth in South Carolina. It’s actually a convention. Republicans gathered in the Palmetto State this week for the state GOP political festival. Observers who paid any attention were treated to a propaganda fest that served up such gems as “President Obama is killing America’s independent spirit” and “2012 is the last chance to get it right” and similar right wing dogmatic drivel.


A member of South Carolina’s Republican convention relaxing during a break in the festivities. Oh, sorry, that ‘s a picture of a gorilla.

Well, Americans haven’t lost their independent spirit. But they have lost the ability to compete in a rigged marketplace against giant corporate conglomerates.

We have returned to an era where four or five corporations have come to dominate a market. The small independent merchant is slowly becoming extinct.

There was a time when a small businessman could look forward to making a good living and one day sell a prosperous business for a profit and retire in comfort.

Today it seems as though the small entrepreneur who starts a business is buying himself a job. And the business is just as likely to fold as it is to be sold for a profit.

Republican lawmakers are largely responsible for creating the corporate dinosaurs that dominate every market and crush the little guy.  And Republicans must be held accountable.

The South Carolina convention was a gathering of right wing regressives who babbled on in typical dogmatic fashion while blithely ignoring their responsibility for creating the conditions that have stifled competition.  It reminds us that the season for propaganda eruptions is fast approaching.   


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