There is no deficit problem. There is a deficit but it is not a problem. For two reasons: First the debt to GDP ratio is still acceptable. The government has been more heavily indebted in the past and survived quite well. Second, because the deficit is easily managed. By simply reversing the actions that caused the debt in the first place it can be eliminated.

Would a Republican president be assaulted daily about an imaginary deficit problem? No – of course not. What we are witnessing on the Washington merry-go-round is nothing more than political gamesmanship that works to achieve the ends of the New American Aristocracy.

File:Obamas escort Bushes to helicopter.jpg

As times change, so they remain the same.

We do have a political problem in Washington, DC. First among these problems is corrupt government. Elected officials in the Beltway lust for payoff money to finance campaigns. In return for the payoff money politicians become indentured to special interest groups who possess enough cash to buy votes. And, as we have seen to the point of shamelessness over the years of the last two administrations, cash calls the shots.

Cash on the barrel head shatters democracy. Sure, we get to vote and recast our rulers every few years, but only the names change while government remains the same.

In recent years succeeding governments have blended seamlessly with previous administrations. On the overriding issues of the day Democrats resemble Republicans. The wars go on and on, the war budget continues to bust a whole in the deficit ceiling. As banks remain too big to fail Wall Street complains about regulation yet stays essentially unregulated and is now positioned to pull off the same scams in the future. Big Pharma gets to keep its gravy train by overcharging for prescription drugs, swindling both Medicare and the consumer – a practice so decadent it is outlawed in most other countries. The attack on Social Security has been renewed and the school voucher program gains momentum. Public employees are vilified, union busting becomes government policy in many states and the social safety net is chiseled away. And the Feds pursue trade agreements with unabated relish – agreements officials can no longer hide as an attack on the middle class and an unabashed rush to profit for American corporations – a big part of the payoff money gang.

All of this has happened under a president who calls himself a Democrat, a president who not only sits idly by thus giving tacit approval to issues benefiting our New American Aristocracy but one who openly advocates for many of the issues and often in secret deals with the parties involved.

Could a Republican president be any worse? Probably. But not by much. It’s not easy to distinguish one government from another even after an election that ousts one party and replaces it with one that is becoming a mirror image.    


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