Russ Feingold can be all of those things liberals want him to be and expect from a progressive candidate.  He could do all those things but win the nomination and then get elected.

The former Senator from Wisconsin floated a possible run for president in 2008.  But he soon realized there was little interest in or support for a Feingold candidacy and he quickly withdrew.

It was quite apparent that, although he was a progressive icon, the party had changed.  It was no longer the party of FDR but a pathetic shadow of its former self.

Even as the senator may be contemplating a run for the Senate seat vacated by Herb Kohl, the Beltway buzz is that the Democratic Party is in a dither about a Feingold candidacy.  He’s too liberal, won’t get support from corporation bosses and has principles.  The party will undoubtedly seek out a right wing Dem with no principles whose willing to play ball with the payoff money donors.  

And as far as a presidential run for the Senator it is all but unthinkable. He would fail at the most important aspect of Beltway politics: He can’t raise a billion dollars to finance a presidenti­al campaign in payoff money dominated government in Washington DC.

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