Have you ever seen two more compassionless faces? They look like the bad cop/good cop duo, one with the grim countenance, the other with the arrogant smirk and both with the same underhanded goal of denying health care to as many people as possible so long as it doesn’t interfere with the profitably of health insurance companies.

Sen Mitch McConnell official cropped.jpgJohn Boehner official portrait.jpg

They are even proposing vouchers for seniors who will soon need Medicare. Vouchers, of course, are good for Wall Street’s bottom line because that money goes straight to the bottom line regardless of the coverage.  Never once however did they propose vouchers for themselves so they could go out into the marketplace and scrounge around for the best deals. No scrounging for these two. Only the best of everything.

This pair is among the most treacherous our government has seen since Cheney/Bush.  They will stop at nothing to destroy Obama’s presidency even if it means taking down the entire nation in the process.

They continue to rely on the fool’s gold approach that tax cuts for the rich create jobs. No more evidence than the Bush years is needed to dispatch that idea. Bush awarded the largest cuts in history most of which went to the wealthy while his administration experienced the worst job creation record since the Great Depression.

Intelligent people know that tax cuts don’t create jobs. Investment and only investment creates jobs and investment is spurred by demand. No demand, no investment, no jobs.

Are McConnell and Boehner intelligent people? Of course they are. They are smart enough to know that by repeating the same propaganda message over and over that they can convince the gullible that the lie is the truth. Perhaps they can fool just enough of the people to defeat Obama in the next presidential election.

The tax cut mantra works in two ways though. First, it creates an effective propaganda campaign that helps to maintain the tax cuts. Second it is a mean spirited politically driven motive that keeps revenues low thereby restricting the ability of government to create jobs by investing in high speed rail, the green economy and infrastructure. The continuation of the high unemployment rate hurts Barack Obama’s chances for reelection while benefiting Republicans politically regardless of the human suffering the policy may cause.

Human suffering! Do they even know what that means? Do they care? Who knows? One thing is certain. They will continue to take care of themselves with good wages and a fine pension and with the finest health insurance in the country.

Truly an unscrupulous pair.


3 thoughts on “THE MEAN SPIRITED DUO

  1. Two questions for you.

    1. What is the liberal plan to corral the deficit?

    2. What is the maximum tax rate that you (and other libs) would be happy with?

    • A return to the Clinton era tax rates would be satisfactory.

      A plan to reduce the deficit would include returning to pre-Bush tax rates, ending the wars and reducing a top heavy defense budget.

      The housing bubble is also responsible for the deficit. When it burst it caused high unemployment, reduced revenues, a necessary increase in social safety net expenditures and trillions of dollars in lost real estate values resulting in lost revenue from property taxes. How about asking those guilty of causing the problem to chip in a few hundred billion. Overall the banks were bailed out to over a trillion and that is just in bailout funds to say nothing of the several trillion the Fed bought in worthless paper. A small fee on financial transactions might help to settle accounts.

      Lifting the cap on Social Security contributions and single payer health insurance would relieve much of those two problems.

      What are the chances of any of this happening? Squat, of course. But if your asking me for some ideas to reduce the deficit, all of these would help and together do so in five to ten years.

      And thanks for the comment.

  2. Suprisingly, we agree on a few things. I can live with lifting the cap on social security contributions and some tax increases for those making >1MM. I also think we could means test social security payments, raise the retirement age a small amount, reduce ag subsidies and bring most of our troops home. That would also be a good start. However, it will take big chunks of money to reduce the deficit and national debt. We better get started now.

    I enjoy the dialogue.

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