The easiest way to cut the deficit is to reverse what got us the deficit in the first place.

Any deficit plan that does not include the eliminatio­n of the Bush tax cuts is a fraud.

Any deficit plan that does not end the wars and reduce the war budget is a fraud.

Any deficit plan that does not address the looming health insurance crisis is a fraud. (Ryan’s plan is a privatizat­ion, profit making scheme that has been pretty well debunked by informed economists­).

The Republican Party intends to put this nation into a death spiral in order to implement an agenda that suits the wealthy. The agenda includes privatizat­ion, more destructiv­e “free trade” agreements,  eliminatin­g the social safety net and the destructio­n of the Obama presidency­.

Similar plans are familiar to countries where real economic crises occurred. Right wing extremists in the banking industry have used these crises to privatize, deregulate­, impose “free trade” and gut social programs in any number of countries. (See Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein).

A genuine crisis is not necessary however because one can be created – which is exactly what the Republican­s have been doing since the day Obama was elected.

There is a deficit no doubt but the crisis stage is many years away.

The real crisis is in unemployme­nt and that one is being ignored.

If the GOP is successful the Obama presidency can be destroyed. The mystery is why so many Democrats are complicit.

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