Anecdotal stories aside, part of the employment problem is that the minimum wage hasn’t kept pace with inflation and in many states unemployme­nt benefits outstrip what can be earned in a low wage job. It just makes no sense to work for less than a benefit check.

Moreover, employers are reluctant to hire at a lower wage than the prior earning level. A new hire is apt to leave as soon as a higher paying job comes along and that makes perfect sense.

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The flaw in Ryan’s plan is that there are no efficient providers now and those inefficien­t providers that exist are becoming less efficient by the day.

Medicare is by far the most efficient provider by a wide margin. Single payer is the only answer to the looming health insurance crisis. Medicare for All is the solution.

The Ryan plan would allow government the ability to slide out from under health care for seniors thereby eliminating a huge expense. The expense of course will remain behind leaving seniors with the responsibility to carry their own health insurance. The vouchers won’t cover the cost. That’s the whole point of the plan – reducing government expenses. And that leaves seniors to pick up the balance which could run as high as 40% of premium costs. High deductibles and co-pays will add thousands more to the cost borne by individuals

Forget Ryan and his “plan.” It’s a smokescreen masking a skip out for government. It will drive seniors into debt and bankruptcy and destitutio­n.

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                  LET’S MAKE A DEAL

Republican­s are holding the entire nation hostage. But they are certain Obama will cave as he has every time in the past and then make excuses that the GOP made him do it.

Obama will cut whatever deal is best politicall­y for Obama. And he will probably miscalculate the public mood – that is, the mood outside the beltway yet again.

One thing is certain. Whatever deal House Speaker John Boehner conjures will be bad for working people, bad for the economy and bad for the country.

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Apparently, the president believes the involvement in Libya doesn’t meet the test of the War Powers Act and, as such, Congressional approval of military action in that torn country is unnecessary.

Can’t let a little war come between friends, right.  Not that he has many friends in Congress to begin with.

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