Big Daddy Bill Clinton is still out there sucking up face time. This right wing extremist won’t stop until he’s finally driven out of the Democratic Party.

Nice smile, great bouffant, super tie, Bill Clinton possessed all of the qualifications needed to become president of the United States. Actually he came with other credentials but the really important ones have been mentioned above.

Now the party has a big umbrella, but it’s time for real Democrats to face up to the fact that Clinton was one of the worst presidents in the history of that proud organization. And that goes back some.

Clintonistas just love gushing over the fact that Clinton presided over one of the greatest economic rebounds since World War II jump started the economy out of the Great Republican Depression.

But the operative words are “presided over.” Face it, Clinton got lucky. He just happened to be sitting behind the right desk in the right office doing what Clinton does best. And I’ll leave that to your imagination.

No doubt this Democratic wannabe was as befuddled about the economic activity that was swirling about his head as were his right wing advisers. Those old timers were salivating for deregulation while a bubble was forming under their noses.

Still can’t grasp the notion that Clinton is a right wing extremist? Well, disabuse yourself.

Let’s examine one of Big Daddy’s most recent plunges into extremism. He was summoned by Peter Peterson to appear at the billionaire’s deficit shock pow-wow in Washington. Heeding the call of one of the countries richest men, Clinton dutifully read his prepared lines and hopped like the good little bunny he is onto the deficit shock bandwagon. As a reward Clinton is now permitted to call the right wing billionaire and Social Security hater “Petey.” Now that’s got to at least double the swell in Clinton’s already blimp size ego.

How could anyone doubt that the deficit crisis isn’t the real thing now that Big Daddy assures us that it really, really is a crisis and not just a phony emergency created with the express purpose of slashing the social safety net to shreds​?

Well, doubt you must for you are being jerked around by Republicans, right wing billionaires, a whole host of Clintonistas and Wild Willy himself.

Peterson has been raising the fake clarion call of deficit disaster for decades. He hates Social Security. And now he has enlisted the Democratic turncoat and fellow Social Security hater in his destructive campaign.

Surprised that anyone would call Big Daddy a SS hater?  You shouldn’t be if you know anything about this man’s secret and subversive agenda. He has openly admitted to conspiring with Erskine Bowles, a landed Southern aristocrat and Clinton chief of staff, along with then Speaker Newt Gingrich to slash Social Security benefits. And this after raising the SS tax level to 85% for many middle income families.

We actually have Monica Lewinsky to thank for preserving SS. By engaging in an affair with the president (which really was nobody’s damn business but her own and certainly not some busy body Christian’s) she embroiled the president in a world wide scandal that forced him to put his dastardly plot against SS in abeyance.

You don’t need anymore than that to ascribe the right wing label to Clinton. But there’s so much more.

He can rightly be described as the disaster president.

NAFTA, deregulation (he destroyed Glass-Steagall) along with his attack on SS and it is clear that he betrayed the middle class while turning the New Deal upside down. NAFTA destroyed jobs; and the source of the current economic calamity can be traced right back to Wild Willy and his signing into law the GRAMM-BLILEY-LEACH ACT – one of the most destructive pieces of legislation in the country’s entire history.

For these abominable acts this guy needs to be booted out of the Democratic Party.


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