Acts like a frightened little man.

Obama avoids confrontation with the GOP yet again.

In a meeting with House Democrats, President Obama made several statements that are very revealing and may indeed unmask the true intentions of this man.

For example, on raising the debt limit there is no option. What exactly does that mean? That he will do just about anything to get the debt limit raised?

What exactly does the statement that when he speaks, markets react? Therefore he must not speak. Does it mean that Obama and the Republican­s are in lock step and that like the GOP, he represents the markets and not the people? Obama is showing more concern here for Wall Street than for his supporters – as usual.

Obama uses the Republican­s to give him an easy out for his decisions. Yes, he will cut Medicare. Yes, he will raise the Social Security retirement age. Yes, he will make the tax cuts permanent.

What will his excuse be? Well, he really, really didn’t want to do all those things but the Republican­s made him do it.

And then there’s the old standby, he got the best deal he could.

The 2012 election is the GOP’s to lose. The people will support a strong president who is wrong. They will not support a weak president who is right. Obama is both weak and wrong. Worse, he hasn’t the foggiest notion of the dilemma he has created for himself.

Obama has inherited the mantle: All hail the new master of triangulat­ion.

If too many more Democrats become fed up with this guy, he may become Emanuel’s chief of staff in Chicago – if Emanuel thinks he can handle the job.

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