Oh, no. This can’t be true. Have you heard? Obama has invited John Boehner to play golf. I’ll bet they have a couple of beers in the Rose Garden afterward. Just to seal the deal right after Obama surrenders

Double bogey for Obama. On the first hole. He is a hopeless wimp. What purpose could more “make nice” possibly serve? They’re out to destroy this guy and Obama wants to play golf. When does reality set in?

The Republican plot to destroy Obama’s presidency is working perfectly. And if it means throwing half the country under the bus – well that’s the price the GOP is willing and eager to pay.

Hello, Barack?

Of course, in their wildest dreams the Repubs never expected they’d get such a big assist from the president himself.

Barack, are you there?

But Obama says not raising the debt limit is not an option. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean Obama will do everything the Republicans want him to do and do so without so much as a whimper. Probably.

Come in, Barack.

Houston, we have a problem. Barack Obama is lost in space.

Now here is what a real president would say to Boehner.

The deficit crisis is a phony, concocted by the GOP to destroy Medicare and Social Security. The Ryan Plan is a disaster. It is not only a voucher plan, its is a Kill Medicare Plan and a destroy Social Security Plan. It is a monumental farce that will increase the deficit by tens of trillions of dollars (yes, tens of trillions) and it won’t resolve the deficit for more than fifty years IF AT ALL.

Republicans have leaped beyond the larval stage of ideology directly to the fossilized specimen. The GOP are now dangerous ideologues who will stop at nothing to achieve their evil agenda of even more tax cuts for the rich and the demolition of the social safety net. They will rob the middle class and strip it to penury while further enriching the rich.

And I’m not going to let it happen.

I am going to take the GOP and its phony Ryan Plan and kick it from the East Coast all the way across the country to the Pacific Ocean.

That is what a real president would say.

Unfortunately for the country, Obama couldn’t find two balls on a pool table.

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2 thoughts on “OBAMA THE WEAK-PART 2

  1. Sir: Get your head out of the sand. The deficit is not a phony. It will soon become a crisis if nothing is done. Disagreeing with the Republican plans will not get the problem solved. They may not have the perfect answers but to deny there is a problem is not facing reality. What is the liberal plan to correct the problem?

    • Heard of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget? No. There’s no reason why you should have. The corporate media propaganda machine has decided unilaterally and uniformly that a real budget doesn’t serve their devious purposes – the dismantling of the social safety net in particular Social Security and Medicare.

      Unlike Ryan’s Kill Medicare Plan and Pawlenty’s pandering foolishness that requires 5% annual growth each year of the plan, the CPC plan deals in realistic measures and delivers a balanced budget in 2021. You haven’t heard of it because it supports the social safety net and doesn’t kill Medicare or destroy Social Security.

      The CPC plan:
      1. Ends the Bush tax cuts for the rich.
      2. Ends the wars.
      3. Reduces the War budget.
      4. Establishes new brackets for the super rich.
      5. Enacts a public option.
      6. Requires negotiation on prescription prices.
      7. Taxes capital gains as income.
      8. Imposes a financial transaction tax.
      9. Did I mention that it balances the budget by 2021.

      Sorry for the late reply. Can’t seem to find the time to do all that needs to be done.

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