Millions upon millions unemployed­, rate at 9.1% and rising, real unemployme­nt deep into double digits, job creation dismal, millions of foreclosur­es, real estate values plummeting­, economy in the doldrums and on the verge of a double dip recession if not worse!!!

Nice day for golf though.

Ready for a beer, John.

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Heeeee’s baaaaack!

And speaking like a good little right wing puppy. You’ve caused your share of the damage.  Now run along, Alan.

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Governor Bev Perdue’s executive order to restore extended unemployment benefits to 47,000 who have not been able to find suitable employment for over a year revealed compassion and courage.  These unfortunates been without benefits for at least two months because Perdue tried to reason with Republican­s who held the unemployed hostage by submitting a budget so harsh they knew they needed to attach unemployment benefits to it if there was any hope it would be signed into law. Reasoning with Republicans is always an impossibility. Most are ideologically fossilized and will not accept compromise.  Hopefully this brave governor has learned her lesson.  She is a Democrat with gumption, a rare but refreshing breed. North Carolinians are lucky to have her in the executive mansion.

For the first time in a hundred years both house of the North Carolina legislature are in Republican hands. Typically the first budget this group of aristocrats handed to the governor slashed funds for education and other essential safety net programs.  The governor vetoed it saying it would cost the loss of 20,000 jobs across the state, a tragedy no thinking person could accept.  That took courage on the part of the governor.

However, a majority of North Carolinians, normally progressive leaning on matters affecting the state, voted for regressive Republicans and presumably to treat the more unfortunate people in a harsh and uncompromising manner.  The stringent budget passed by the North Carolina legislature reflects the will of the majority of the people of the state who, perhaps unwittingly voted to kill the jobs of teachers, police and firemen and many other hard working government employees.  They voted to send their friends and neighbors straight to the unemployment line and then to cancel the benefits of those already unemployed for long periods of time. Some voted to eliminate the jobs of close family members.

Did these people really know what they were doing when they voted for Republicans?  Are these people capable of making the connection between voting for Republicans and killing jobs?  Who can tell?

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