The Ryan plan convicts itself as a Kill Medicare Plan plain and simple. No additional discussion is necessary of this perverted attempt to kill a program held so dear by a majority of the people.

The entire deficit “crisis” is a contrived issue fabricated by Republican­s to impose a right wing agenda on the American people.

The president needs to stand firm, confront Republican extremists and expose them for the unscrupulo­us schemers that they are.

In the event of a government shut down, the president is bound by his Constituti­onal obligation as commander in chief to protect the security of the nation by declaring a national emergency and ordering his Treasury department to continue to sell bonds over and above the debt limit if necessary.

It is questionab­le whether the president has the gumption to take such drastic steps. However, in light of the fact that the nation is still at war and is being held hostage by a reckless Congress, the president has little choice but to do everything in his power to hold the fabric of the nation together.

And so Obama faces his first test in the early stages of his reelection campaign.

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Alice Rivlin reveals herself to be as right wing as any Clintonist­a including the ex president himself. Being liberal on a handful of social issues doesn’t earn a left wing progressiv­e label.

The American people have revealed in poll after poll that they do not want right wing changes to Social Security. They pay for it, they deserve it, they earn it. Period.

The same applies to Medicare. If there is a problem with the program it is part and parcel of the problem with the perverted health insurance system we now have in place.

There is no deficit crisis. It is a phony issue contrived to implement a decades old right wing agenda to dismember the social safety net.

Anyone who howls “deficit crisis” is misreprese­nting the deficit issue if he/she does not include as a means to resolve it: Reversing the Bush tax cuts, ending the wars, trimming war department spending and implementi­ng single payer health insurance.

These steps will tame the contrived “crisis.”

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