I had decided to abstain from voting for president in 2012. The reason is simple: There is no candidate whose views on the critical issues of the day are close to mine let alone mirror them. I would vote of course but only for those candidates whose views reflect my own at least in some measure.


He still has an opportunity to become a great president.

My feeling was that if a Republican won the next presidential election, he would pervert the political process even beyond the extremism that exists today; that he would cause so much more damage to the economic well being of the country that in 2016 a new FDR would surely emerge and correct course. I believed that 2016 was the next and perhaps final opportunity for a corrupt government to change its errant ways and begin again to serve the majority of the people.

I was encouraging friends who felt the same way to abstain from voting for president – on that premise that affairs must get much worse before they can get better.

My belief was that Barack Obama would continue to mirror the mistaken ways of Bill Clinton, who I have always considered a Democratic apostate, a turncoat. There are many reasons for that opinion, not the least of which was Clinton’s oft stated desire to revamp Social Security which, except for a sex scandal and an impeachment and trial before the Senate, he might well have accomplished.

I have changed my mind about Barack Obama and will vote for him for president in 2012. For all of his shortcomings, and there are many, I am convinced he is a decent man – a decent man who finds himself trapped in the corrupt atmosphere of Washington.

And corruption is rife in that otherwise beautiful city. To win the presidency in America a candidate must be capable of raising a slush fund that may well approach one billion dollars. That so much payoff money is now required to win office in this country is a sick and disgusting affair. If nothing else, this situation forces a candidate to support policies favored by the Money even if the candidate prefers a different agenda.

Hopefully, once free of the constraints of money, Obama will change course in a second term and support the platform that won him the office in 2008. I still believe that Barack Obama has the desire and the will to endorse and fight for policies that will benefit the majority of Americans and that he still has an opportunity to become a great president.

We will see. In any case, the sticker on my bumper will read “Obama for President.”


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