Cowards Desert Weiner.

Until his mis-guided actions reach the level of criminal be-havior Weiner has a right to remain in his elected position.

His actions certainly exhibited the poorest of judgment on a personal level. But he is still quite capable of fulfilling the duties of his office.

Had journalist­ic standards been as pathetical­ly low in the past as they are today we might not have had such presidents as FDR, JFK, Dwight Eisenhower and LBJ all of whom engaged in at least one extramarit­al affair, a far more serious moral offense.

Until evidence surfaces that a crime has been committed, Weiner’s behavior amounts to little more than a peccadillo­.

By calling for his resignatio­n, the Democratic leadership has distanced itself sufficient­ly from Weiner. His voluntary acceptance of treatment should absolve him from further embarrassm­ent and scorn. He has already paid a very high price for his actions.

It is however disappoint­ing to see the leadership abandon a fighting Democrat, a rare specimen in a party of chicken-he­arted politician­s. This sudden change on the part of the party faithful gives rise to the suspicion that the White House – frightened as it has always been of Republican criticism – is somehow involved in the turnabout of events.

It is beyond belief that Democrats will pull their heads out of the sand and take a stand and fight. Let’s hope Weiner will pick up the banner and continue to champion the great traditions of this once great party.

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