The only real and rational budget plan offered by Congress is ignored by the corporate media propaganda machine.

Heard of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget? No. There’s no reason why you should have. The corporate media propaganda machine has decided unilaterally and uniformly that a real budget doesn’t serve their devious purposes – the dismantling of the social safety net in particular Social Security and Medicare.

Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), along with the 81 member House Congressional Progressive Caucus, proposed a plan that balances the budget in 2021 – a plan all but ignored by the corporate media propaganda machine.

Unlike Ryan’s Kill Medicare Plan and Pawlenty’s pandering foolishness that requires 5% annual growth each year of the plan, the CPC plan deals in realistic measures and delivers a balanced budget in 2021. You haven’t heard of it because it supports the social safety net and doesn’t kill Medicare or destroy Social Security.

The CPC plan:

  1. Ends the Bush tax cuts for the rich.
  2. Ends the wars.
  3. Reduces the War budget.
  4. Establishes new brackets for the super rich.
  5. Enacts a public option.
  6. Requires negotiation on prescription prices.
  7. Taxes capital gains as income.
  8. Imposes a financial transaction tax.

Did I mention that it balances the budget by 2021.

Any plan that doesn’t address the issues stated above is a deceitful hoax whose purpose is to advance a cruel, right wing vendetta against the middle class. 


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