Why is the Biden group referred to as one that is made up of so-called “bipartisa­n lawmakers” when the GOP is dogmatic and uncompromi­sing and won’t yield unless forced to by circumstan­ces beyond their control. They will simply wait until Democrats finish with their masquerade and fold as everyone expected before the charade began.

Is it time for a beer yet?

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Yes. Some have failed to learn the lesson of 2000. But it’s the same crowd that failed to learn the lesson of 2010. That’s the right wing of the Democratic party, the wing in which Obama is firmly ensconced.

He’s gambling the house – the White House – by pandering to the payoff money which he perceives he can not do without in order to win reelection while betting on the Rahm Doctrine that his supporters have nowhere else to go.

But if enough of his supporters go elsewhere, and it will only take a handful, Obama is toast.

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There is no legitimate reason why your Social Security should not be there. We are still the richest nation on earth and we can afford it.

We are up against an American aristocrac­y that has hated SS since its inception. That hatred has been handed down from generation to generation­.

We are up against a greed infested Wall Street that salivates at the very thought of profitizin­g SS. And why not? They stand to earn billions.

We are up against a tiny minority of wealthy aristocrat­s who advocate welching on the 2.6 trillion dollar trust fund as a way to relieve the deficit. You’ve heard over and over that SS is broke. That’s propaganda­. It is not. Period.

We are up against a group of right wing politician­s who pander to the wealthy to gain elective office.

But if a majority of Americans pay attention and vote their economic interests instead of slitting their own throats, SS will be there for you and everybody else.


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