As commander in chief, it is time for Obama to declare a national emergency.

We are a nation at war and troops cannot be abandoned by an act of political sabotage by Republican­s.

Seniors cannot be allowed to go hungry for want of a Social Security check.

Medical care cannot be suspended for want of payments to doctors and hospitals.

Failure to raise the deficit would be an economic, social and medical calamity – a disaster that qualifies for national emergency status.

The president must declare a national emergency and order the Treasury to sell bonds. Perhaps a stalwart Republican like Ben Bernanke can put aside party loyalty, recognize the looming disaster and order the Fed to buy the bonds.

Why? Because there is no deficit “crisis.” It is a Republican construct and a nefarious myth conjured to achieve a decades old right wing vendetta against the social safety net.

This contrived crisis gives Obama yet another chance to show his Democratic stripes – if he has any.

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