Does Obama have even one such move in his soul?

A courageous president would announce a dramatic address to the nation at one minute after midnight on August 2, invoke the 14th Amendment, proclaim a national emergency, vow to uphold his Constituti­onal duties as commander in chief and declare Republican­s guilty of derelictio­n of duty.  He would then charge Republicans with attempting to inflict grave harm upon the national security of the country solely to advance a radical political agenda and order the Justice Department to issue arrest warrants.

Such actions would set a precedent that would prevent a minority from bullying into law an extremist agenda, end forever unscrupulo­us hostage taking and expose to the world the attempted sabotage of the economy by right wing radicals – and do it all in one bold stroke.

The chances of his being removed from office by such an affair are somewhere between zero and nada.

An impeachment would certainly ensure from a partisan, right wing House committee. But it would stand exposed for the political agenda it is attempting to impose on the nation.

Just saying.

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