Things just got worse. It is becoming moot whether conditions for the working and middle classes get worse under a right wing extremist president who is a Republican or under a right wing extremist president who is a Democrat. In any case, conditions for the lesser classes are becoming steadily worse under right wing Obama.

File:Obamas escort Bushes to helicopter.jpg

There is no question that George Bush was a right wing extremist. A large portion of his votes came from the most staunchly conservative sections of the country – the fundamentalist and, in many areas still deeply racist, South and Southwest; and the rural Midwest and upper Midwest.

Bush however made few egregious promises to his supporters.

He was however very loyal to the payoff money that bought him the presidency. The reckless tax cuts exemplify that fealty.

Obama however is a backstabber. He campaigned as a progressive populist but did an abrupt about face even before he was sworn in. His advisers and appointments testify to his reversal. He openly abandoned his campaign promises before the inauguration and revealed himself to be an opportunistic liar.

Liberals have got to come to the realization that Obama is an apostate. He renounced his platform with a speed seldom witnessed even in the mendacious political arena. He has demonstrated that his fealty lays with Wall Street and the corporations and that his needs his supporters only one day every four years.

Obama is yielding to his opponents out of crass political opportunism.

The question before those of us who feel betrayed by this apostate is should we allow ourselves to be victimized by the Rahm Doctrine – Emanuel’s wily proclamation that liberals have nowhere else to go and so can be marginalized and ignored.

The only reason that remains to vote for a right wing president is to influence the makeup of the Supreme Court for the next generation. Kennedy and Bader Ginsburg will almost certainly be leaving the bench in the next few years. The hope, now perhaps wistful, is that Obama will will appoint jurists who are at least somewhat left of center. Such is by no means guaranteed. Freed from the constraints of reelection he may just as likely appoint corporation submissive conservative judges to complement those who already degrade the Court.

Obama will run a campaign of promises and blame his shortcomings on Republican intransigence. The promises are sure to morph into lies. Republicans have already begun a campaign of lies. The outcome of the election as always will depend on who lies best. May the best lie win.

Under these circumstances, would it not make sense for liberals to abstain from voting for president. A Republican may well win; and conditions will certainly grow worse. But 2016 is just around the corner. And perhaps, just perhaps, this nation has within its soul one more Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one more man of the people, to rescue us from the tyranny of payoff money.   


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