Obama is not to be trusted. He has shown time and time again that he belongs in the extreme right wing of the Democratic party. He is the man who destroyed the public option and engineered the right wing, corporate friendly health insurance fiasco that he hoped, and failed, to pull off as “reform.” It was he who rigged his Cat Food Commission with right wing Social Security haters. It is Obama who has repeatedly given his approval to a right wing Republican agenda in so-called negotiations. And it is the apostate Obama who is putting forth even more drastic cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and to Social Security.

File:Barack Obama on phone with Benjamin Netanyahu 2009-06-08.jpg

The glitter is gone; the change a betrayal.

Obama will proceed on the path to political suicide because he places his faith in the payoff money mob that bought the office for him in 2008. And he is gambling that office can be bought again with the same payoff money.

As for his base, they are only useful once every four years. And he is a firm believer in the Rahm Doctrine – where else can they go. So the liberals are beyond marginalized. They are a worthless crowd, a meaningless hindrance to the only goal he lusts for – a second term.

And he is determined to employ the most unscrupulous means to achieve that goal.

Obama is an apostate of such egregious proportions that true Democrats would be remiss in not exploring ways and means to expel this right wing extremist from the party. While this remedy to Obama’s betrayals may seem remote and itself extreme it would bear a strong message. It should at least, be discussed by the liberal wing and floated as a trial balloon. It will go nowhere of course and cause only a momentary stir in the DC follies that pass as government. As for the liberals who propose expulsion, why they would deny any involvement. And Obama would appreciate the duplicity. 


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