Real world words liberals should be using – instead of euphemisms – to expose the vast right wing conspiracy that exists in the United States today.  Contributions are welcome.

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The wealthy ruling class in America. They rule by controlling government through gifts of payoff money to elected officials.



Voodoo economics, also known as supply side. A deeply flawed theory of economics developed by Milton Friedman of the Chicago School of Economics. It’s ideas are intended to benefit a small portion of the population of a country and always the rich.


National Savings Plan  

A term to use in place of “entitlements” for Social Security and Medicare.


Payoff Money

Campaign contribution, a euphemism for payoff money, which is money grubbed by elected officials in exchange for votes. Politicians chase payoff money like flies swarm fill in the blank.




Word to substitute for privatizing, as in profitizing Social Security. Profitizing associates the right wing plot to destroy Social Security with Wall Street greed.


Rigged market

A trade agreement such as NAFTA; debunks “free” market mythology such as that spouted by Ayn Rand; the market in which petroleum is bought and sold. OPEC is a monopoly, the very opposite of a free market. We can speak of a rigged market in gasoline since supply is rigidly controlled by an oligopoly of super sized corporations. It is then awarded to the highest bidder in a bidding war on a commodity exchange.


Right wing extremist

Members of the Republican party and of the Clintonista pseudo-Democratic movement.  A term to be used in place of euphemisms “centrist” and “moderate” for right wing Democrats who support conservative economic issues.



The Republican party’s agenda for the U.S. economy and the American middle class. It is a political movement among right wing extremists whose goal is to gain a fascist-like control of government by banishing political opposition.



A member of the Republican party.



A life long grudge held by the ruling class in American against the social safety net since its inception.


Wage slavers – What Republicans refer to as job creators.

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