If Obama were a liberal:


The man has revealed himself. He is utterly transparent. He is a right wing conservative.

He would have fought tooth and nail for a $1.5 trillion dollar stimulus. Instead he agreed with Republicans that an $800 or so billion dollar stimulus was sufficient

The so-called stimulus that Obama signed was designed by Republicans to fail. It contained approximately one third tax cuts, one third aid to the states to help stem job losses and then one third to create new jobs. As such the stimulus was inadequate. But it was designed to fail and it did.

Now Republicans are blaming Obama for the failure of their intransigence. Why? Because Obama agreed with the GOP that the stimulus was sufficient and didn’t fight for a real stimulus.

If Obama were a liberal he would have fought for a single payer health insurance plan – Medicare for All. He could have compromised with the public option and gotten it. Instead Obama abandoned single payer and fought against the public option inducing members of his own party to reject it.

If Obama were a liberal he would have ended the wars by now. Instead he has seamlessly adopted the policies of the previous right wing administration on the wars and all the injustices that attend those miscreant policies.

If Obama were a liberal he would have ended the destructive Bush tax cuts out of hand. If he were a liberal he would have maintained an unalterably intransigent stance against them. Instead Obama is a supporter of tax cuts for the wealthy.

As for the debt ceiling negotiating fiasco now under way, it is utterly clear that Obama has been prepared from the outset to surrender Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to Republicans. Why? Because Obama is on their side. He believes Social Security and Medicare are “entitlements”. Just like Republicans. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The plans are contribution based and represent the savings of the American people. And recall he is the man responsible for rigging his Cat Food Commission with right wingers.

He is willing to surrender these plans to the life long vendetta held against them by right wing extremists. Make no mistake. Obama’s capitulation will open the floodgates to future drastic changes including the profitization of both Social Security and Medicare. The senior health insurance plan is already under a vicious attack by the GOP in the form of Paul Ryan’s Kill Medicare obscenity.

A liberal would be forcing tax cuts down the throat of the GOP and accusing them of dereliction of duty for refusing to raise the debt ceiling and thereby threatening to implode the United States of America. Instead Obama is himself derelict for disregarding the two genuine crises that beset his nation: Unemployment and health insurance.

Democrats have got to clear the smoke from their eyes and realize that on the overriding issues of the day, Obama’s views line up squarely with the GOP’s. As a Democrat Obama is indeed a failure. As such he must be replaced or marginalized by the party.


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