What’s the Matter with Liberals???

What’s the matter with Kansas??? The same thing that’s wrong with liberals.

File:Barack Obama calls Space Shuttle Atlantis crew 2009-05-20.jpg

Would you buy a used car from this man???

Kansans vote fundamentalist religious values and in the process slit their own economic throats.

Liberals vote progressive social values and slit their throats as well.

How can this be? Liberals voted overwhelming for Bill Clinton, a president who tended somewhat toward the left on social issues. On economic issues, however, Clinton was a right wing extremist. NAFTA alone convicts him of that accusation since he supported that rigged trade agreement despite protests from many of his most ardent supporters.

His wholesale abolition of the New Deal regulations – laws that separated investment and commercial banks – validate the accusation even more pointedly.

Yet liberals supported Clinton during his second term despite the travails of that period. And many still believe he is one of our better presidents regardless of the disastrous legislation he signed into law. Even today, knowing that Clinton wanted to cut Social Security and sent his chief of staff, the Southern landed aristocrat, Erskine Bowles on a mission to right winger Newt Gingrich, to discuss ways to slash the program, libeals defend his record. So what’s the matter with liberals?

An then there’s Obama, a decidedly right wing president on economic issues. Not the euphemistically centrist or moderate. But thoroughly right wing. If he goes much further right he’ll be approaching nut job status.

Here is the destruction he has wreaked so far. He’s seeking approval on three one sided trade agreements; extended tax cuts for the rich; signed a payroll tax cut and seems to want another one. The alarms should ring out here. Payroll tax cuts skim money from the Social Security savings account, money that will eventually have to be replaced from general revenue, leaving an opening for SS haters to attack the fund as contributing to the deficit.

Did I mention that Obama agreed to cuts in SS, Medicare and Medicaid? No. Well, as we all know by now he did.

What could be farther to the right than those policies? This man on economic issues is a verifiable right wing extremist.

And yet liberals are already making excuses to vote for him in 2012. The Republicans are worse they say. Worse than what? Conditions are already worse under Obama.

Yes. He does tack left on social issues but in some cases he had to be pushed hard. So if liberals support Obama because of social issues and Kansans support conservatives because of social issues although from opposite ends of the spectrum, we have to ask the question: What’s the matter with liberals???

Here’s one other excuse for voting for Obama. One that I even applied to myself. He will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who lean left. Well, not so fast. If he does win a second term, and that likelihood is appearing less likely with every passing day, he would no longer be constrained by reelection worries. He is therefore free to go either way. And given his recent right wing behavior he could very well see fit to nominate corporate friendly appointees to the Court.

What other excuses are left to support Obama? I’m sure liberals can uncover them. But it begs the question: What’s the matter with liberals???


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