If it was clear before it has to be perfectly clear now that Obama wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare from the day he was inaugurated His rigged Cat Food Commission showed the inclination of this president to cut. And now in spectacularly stupid fashion Obama has admitted for all the world to see that he advocates cuts to two of the nation’s most cherished programs.


A shadow of his former self. He should hang his head in shame.

Obama agrees wholeheartedly with the Republican myth that the country has a deficit “crisis”. Of course the “crisis” exists in the mind of the president. Republicans know it is a myth because they are the ones who created it.

I suspect that Obama from the very start saw the deficit as the overriding issue of the day and he determined to become the president who tamed it. Perhaps he saw this one issue as the factor that would determine his legacy, his greatness as a president. All presidents are driven by big egos. Obama seems to have one that is larger than most.

He therefore set out to cut the two major programs to garner support from the wealthy who hate and to establish an indelible mark of greatness to his presidency.

He has of course miscalculated badly. He will now be forever maligned as the president who sought to take the first steps to dismantle the programs. He not only agreed to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block; but he sought as well to put you and me and countless millions of Americans on the same chopping block.

It’s beginning to look like the so-called deficit “crisis” was an excuse to begin the dismantling of the two most popular programs in the U S today.

Obama should be ashamed of himself!


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