I will fulfill my obligation to vote as always. But in the future I refuse to vote for any candidate whose views I cannot support. I wasted two votes on Clinton and one on Obama – both men right wingers on economic issues – and I refuse to waste any more votes on the right wing of the so-called Democratic Party.

Obama lost the House in 2010 because of his duplicity on the health insurance issue. He engaged in backroom deals with the Pharma and Hospital industries and personally killed the public option. His deceit was exposed and he lost the election for the Democratic Party in the House.

Obama has been an ardent supporter of cuts to Social Security and Medicare. You’ve have only to refer to his rigged Cat Food Commission to substantia­te that accusation­. More recently he has put SS and Medicare cuts on the table in the pretend deficit “crisis” negotiatio­ns.

Moreover, while attending to the trumped up deficit issue, Obama has ignored the unemployme­nt crisis, the health insurance crisis and the revenue crisis (tax collection­s are at the lowest level of GDP since the 1950s).

Why? There’s an old mob saying: You gotta have the geetus. And that goes double in American politics. Obama intends to get his share. So far, so good.

About Barack Obama 2012

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