Liberals have been voting for “Democrats” for too many years because the Republicans are “worse”. No doubt. But guess what. Conditions are worse under the Democrats as well.

File:Obama and Valerie Jarrett.jpg

The Rahm Doctrine scores big with the Obama White House whose members have expressed open disdain for liberal supporters.

We liberals are all victims of what I call the Rahm Doctrine, that is, we will vote for a Democrat regardless of his views because we have no place else to go. And since we accept the idea that the Republicans are worse and we have no choice but to vote for Democrats, conditions are indeed worse and will continue on that path.

So according to the Rahm Doctrine, Obama is free to ignore or marginalize his base because they will vote for him regardless of what he does even though he and his administration have openly expressed their disdain for liberal supporters.

Obama’s snark attack on the social safety net could finally destroy the party of the people. If we observe, we can see that the party of the people has morphed into the party of the corporations and it is now very similar to the GOP. The party will survive of course but only as a somewhat lesser monster than the Republican party.

Bill Clinton is largely responsible for the decay that has infested the party. But Obama has taken up the cause. He is an apostate. He has renounced traditional party values by choosing to attack the last vestiges of FDR’s New Deal.

Sad to say that blind devotion to these two tragic figures simply because they have claimed the Democratic mantle validates the Rahm Doctrine which, as I have said, advocates marginalizing liberals while it eats like a cancer at traditional Democratic party values.

So if you are a party loyalist and vote party regardless of policy, I cannot agree with you. But I wish you well nonetheless.


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