Primary Constituent-Payoff Money

Obama displays strong leadership qualities – for Wall Street and the corporations.

The president has shown repeatedly that his first constituent is: The Payoff Money (sometimes referred to as “campaign contributions”).


The smile that beguiles. Does it reveal an empty soul?

Although his support remains strong among genetically disposed Democrats, polls show the president losing support among liberals.

Let’s not forget Barack Obama’s contribution to this sad state of affairs. He has failed liberals on every major issue of the day. The wars go on, health insurance is still in need of reform, financial regulation is meager at best, Net Neutrality will succumb to corporate demands, the Bush tax cuts are destined to become permanent and reductions in Social Security loom ahead.

We’ve lost the battle because Obama is on the other side. And with his recent appointments of high level advisers, he thumbs thumbs his nose at us.

The debacle of the recent elections tells us that independent voters have come to terms with Obama’s treachery. Liberals must now do the same and recognize that Obama is a Blue Dog pseudo-Democrat who has not earned the support of his base. Vote for Obama at your peril.

If no major candidate represents your views, when you vote in 2012 leave the presidential field blank. Abstention can speak loudly. Do not waste yet another vote.


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