Tyrannosaurous Rex

We focus on the savage nature of the American brand of capitalism – characterized by rigged markets, corrupt lobbyists, bribed officials and a system of government functioning solely on payoff money. To win an election in U.S. politics, you gotta have the geetus. And it sloshes around Washington like dung in a cesspool.  If we can do even a small part to shed light on our corrupt government and lost democracy we will have contributed to the growing unrest reverberating across this once great land. 

The T-rex survived in the wild for several hundred million years ravaging all life that existed below it in the food chain. It was a cruel, vicious, savage beast. But it plundered only to survive in an unforgiving world. Unlike the modern American capitalist, it was neither greedy nor gluttoness. It took only what it needed to prevail for one more day.  

The American capitalist on the other hand behaves in the manner of a savage beast who plunders solely out of greed – a beast neurotically driven by an unquenchable lust for ever more riches.



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