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Wack-A-Do Gibberish.

Right wing extremist Stephen Moore, who poses from time to time as an economist, took yet another ride on the wing nut tax cut band wagon.

In a wacky Kansas City Star op-ed paid for by the Heritage Foundation, from which Moore receives payola for pretending to be an economist, the think tank employee wrote a piece that managed to state just about every economic lie the right wing promotes, and then some.


Trickle down economics in action, gushing wealth to the top while leaving everyone else in a mist.

In fact, the piece so notoriously stated falsehoods that the newspaper’s editorial board printed a correction that accompanied Moore’s article.

Here are just a few of the economist’s debunked statements:

Unemployment is a paid vacation. Moore obviously has never been without a job. He has however been on paid vacation for years being employed as a think tank think wonk on the payroll of the Heritage Foundation.

Tax cuts create jobs. The only comment a statement like that deserves is that it is plain bullshit, which is otherwise known as a right wing talking point.

Increases in the minimum wage result in unemployment.Unfortunately for us all, outrageously excessive wages for people like Moore don’t.

The tax cuts by right wing wack-a-do and current Republican governor of Kansas Sam Brownback will spur growth. This longed-for Kansas “miracle” ostensibly to work through “trickle down” economics, must occur after years of ruination and deprivation which is currently the state of the Kansas economy due largely to the irresponsible tax cuts Brownback forced on that hard pressed state.


Brownback proves once again that small things come in big heads.

For right wing economists, the way to prosperity is always through ruinous tax cuts that further enrich the already rich, who pay good money to enrich people who write propaganda-saturated articles disguised as op-eds such as what Moore just did in the Kansas City Star.

And, yes, his writing was pure propaganda. Moore is not so dumb as to not realize that advocating for tax cuts regardless of the suffering the cuts are causing should keephim on paid vacation for decades to come.

And just when do the fruits of these destructive tax cuts finally come for the rest of those who lives are being ruthlessly destroyed???.

We’re still waiting, Stevie boy. We’re still waiting.




Cracker Escapes From Barrel.

I’m referring to Jody Hice, of course.


Jody Hice. Surely you know Jody Hice?

Well, if you live in the dementedly religious, sexually repressed, hard drinkin’, straight shootin’ South, you know who Hice is.

No, not Rice, Hice. That’s Hice.

He’s the most recent winner of a Republican primary in Georgia who will run for a House seat in November. And since he’s a Republican from Georgia, he’ll undoubtedly win and become another of the gay bashing Tea Party members of that infamous Lower Chamber of Congress.

Hice contends that homosexuality is destroying America.

gay marriage 1

They’re destroying Ameica???


Not tax cuts for the rich and income inequality; not notorious job killing trade agreements; not poverty level minimum wages; not Wall Street’s felonious fraud; not excessive compensation for do-nothing CEOs; not tax evasion by disloyal American corporations; and certainly not crooked government in Follyland DC.

None of those conditions are destroying America. Right?

No siree bob says our most recent primary winner. It’s just a bunch of damn gay people what’s causin’ the decline of the whole dang country.

Why if gay people would just start fuckin’ the middle class like good rich folks are doin’, Amerca would be great agin and could afford to start some more wars so as to set people everywhere free from crooked gubmint once and for all.

ga marriage

English: A symbolic marriage cake in favor of allowing gay marriages in Italy not only to heterosexual couples but to lesbian and gay ones as well. Picture by Giovanni Dall’Orto, January 26 2008.


Yes siree bob. We got to stop gay folks from a gittin hitched and save Amerca.

Praise the Lord.


Ya got another winner there, Georgia.

Only in America.



Hope And Change. The Final Chapter

The Obama White House, the burial grounds where Hope went to die.


Lyin’ Ryan Flyin’

That Ryan fella (Rep. Paul Ryan of WI) is touting another scam to ram down the throats of the needy.

Ryan is runnin’ (for president) you see and after getting blown away in the last election by a right wing president (yes, Barack Obama is a right wing conservative) largely due to an overwhelming minority vote against the Republican candidates, the man from WI figures he better do something, anything to hornswoggle the down and out into believing that he’s on their side.


Paul Ryan, still out ‘dere.

But he can’t just say he’s on their side by supporting existing Federal programs.

‘Cause if he did, he’d be hog tied and tossed out of the Republican convention, losing all hope forever and ever of ever being nominated for that august position.

So he’s got to come up with a scam which he hopes to ram down the throats of the poor in order to garner a few more votes for the presidential election.

His recent proposal is just that, a scam. The plan says to his moneybags base, largely the 1%, that he is firmly against Federal assistance to the lesser among us. And then it purports to turn programs over to the states via block grants. Of course, accepting the grants would be voluntary and the states that do accept can pretty much do as they please with the money. Oh, please.

the finger

Cover sheet for the Ryan plan for the poor. Artist: Svetlyana Fucova.

Anybody smell a rat here.

Ryan’s lyin’. Again. His scheme is a last ditch effort to convince people who desperately need help that he, Paul Ryan really cares. About them But his words echo the worn out “compassionate conservative” gambit that George W. Bush dusted off more than a decade ago.

The word has surely gone out the the base to pay no attention. The whole construct is a merely scheme to wangle a few more minority votes than the GOP managed in the last election.




The unbelievable George Will. He’s right for a change. Or should I say “correct.”

You see, sometimes you have a problem and you’re stuck with it. There’s a solution to the problem. You may not like it. But it’s the only solution you have.

Let the kids stay.  With a little help and a little guidance, they’ll become good Americans.



Limerick Lunacy.

A fellow was proud of his rank

Till it plummeted after his shank

His handicap rose

From his toes to his nose

He had only bad strokes to thank.


A woman was trying to rank

The safety of funds in her bank.

She discovered a flaw

A security maw

So big that she sat down and drank.


A fellow was proud of his rank

In a foreign affairs think tank.

He took cash from donors

Who were really his owners.

But their money he took to the bank.


A fellow was terribly rash

About spending his limited cash

He bought a Ferrari

But soon he was sorry

In a flash he had spent all his stash.


A gal was upset by a rash

From a night that left her abash

She fell out of a boat

And so couldn’t gloat

She plunged in coal ash with a splash.


A woman had done something rash

Had tonic and gin just a splash

She woke up in a daze

With eyes all a glaze

She had been taken out with the trash.


A gal was re-tiling the floor

When she heard a knock on the door

She wasn’t a prude

So she worked in the nude

And rushed to the door to find Pastor Nabore.


A fellow demanded the floor

Gave a speech a saint it would bore.

Some listeners would weep

Some just fell asleep

And drowned out the speech with a snore.


A teacher was trying to drill

A lesson in voice too shrill

She quit in despair

And pulled out her hair

Went home and uncorked the swill.


A teacher was trying to drill

Her students on San Juan Hill

She said Teddy the bear

Ran up on a tear

Won the war then sent us the bill.


A fellow who rented a suite

From a gal who was cloyingly sweet

Then made a fast pass

Got a boot in the ass

And hit the concrete on Main Street.


A gal who was cloyingly sweet

Sent a titillatingly fiery tweet.

It said “I am ready”

“To go hot and steady.”

“And I promise I won’t tear the sheet.”


A man in a mood for a sweet

Affair with a woman discreet.

Didn’t care ’twas quick

As long as the chick

Didn’t squeal and tell all in a tweet.


A fellow was wielding his drill

After taking an energy pill.

He leaned on the bit

With much too much grit

And got hit with a 120 thrill.



Reid appoints DNCC chair to Catfood Commission II.

File:Manned Ground Vehicle briefing in D.C..jpg

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), DNCC rainmaker and war industry goombah views some ground combat vehicle with Maj. Gen. Galen Jackman.

Did you catch the Barack Obama Leon Paneta vaudeville act the other day. Paneta said the war department budget cannot be touched. Obama agreed. Obama is of course the choreographer and puppeteer who pulls Penata’s strings. It will be interesting to see how this little dance plays out in the Senate Cut and Gut Committee which is supposed to be considering reductions in war stuff.

And this show debuted just days before another member of the White House servants pool, Harry Reid, appointed two war industry goombahs to the Obama’s Second Catfood Commission. The president’s first Cut And Gut Commission, you will recall, failed miserably so this time he wants to try one in the Senate. He made this one as fail-safe as he possibly could.

Reid appointed White House loyalist and Democratic National Campaign Committee rainmaker Sen. Patty Murray of Washington and the ever switchable John Kerry of Massachusetts (I voted for it before I voted against).

Both senators tie in beautifully with the Obama-Paneta. Both senators are war industry goombahs who collect vast sums of scratch from war corporations and their K Street consiglieri and they are unlikely to vote for significant cuts to the war budget – another reason to be fearful that Obama and the Dems are out to get Social Security and Medicare.

The moral of the story is you don’t have to be Italian to be a corporate crony.  

The Lady of Maine Strikes Again

The Lady of Maine strikes again and will the ides of February doom Obama’s presidency. The stimulus debacle revisited and why its now too late for the president to reverse course.  

(Reposted from 2009 but still very appropriate).


Maine’s two right wing darlings. There’s an old saying in politics: Be careful what you vote for; you might get it.

Obama signed the stimulus in February of 2009 and may have ended his chances for a second term on that very day. The package was designed to fail from the very beginning and leading the pack that doomed the bill to failure was none other than Olympia Snowe.

The lady of Maine did a remarkable job stonewalling Finance Committee members during negotiations on a stimulus package. She balked and hesitated and balked some more until she was able to engineer a bill so diluted that it was destined to fail.  She wielded her limited power so deftly that she became the central figure in helping to design a weakened stimulus package that Republicans knew beforehand would be inadequate and could not even begin to rouse a multi-trillion dollar economy out of its prolonged slumber.

If I were a Republican leader the task I would have assigned to Snowe was exactly the feat she performed:  To make damn sure any stimulus bill that came out of committee would be so enfeebled that Republicans could proclaim it a bust before the funds were even exhausted.  Then, if at all possible, massage the bill so any job creating potential would begin to peter out just before the elections.  On condition that she deliver this half baked artifice out of committee, the leadership would grant the lady of Maine permission to vote for the bill – which was an absolute necessity anyway if the plot had any chance of success because the strategem needed at least some Republican support to become law.

Snowe was successful beyond her leadership’s wildest dreams. She and the Republicans not only outfoxed Obama and the mental pygmies who advise him.  They crafted a bill that failed on cue.

Here is what Snowe crammed down the Democrats’ throats.  The final bill allotted one third of the funds to tax cuts; another third to the states to apply to unemployment benefits and to stem the flow of public servant layoffs; and last but not least one third was assigned to job creation.  The funds that remained after the worthless tax cuts and the aid to the states and that went into new job creation amounted to some 280 billion dollars – a grievously inadequate sum by all accounts.

So the stimulus that was designed to fail failed just as the Republicans anticipated it would and after which they loudly and proudly proclaimed its failure to a job hungry nation.  The bill, as planned, became an election issue as it began to fizzle on cue a few weeks before the polling date.

Olympia Snowe from the bucolic state of Maine revealed herself to be crafty enough to outwit the city slickers from Chicago and a handful of Ivy League snoots to boot.

The economic Einsteins who advised the president were not only duped by the lady of Maine.  The plan they thought they hatched fell apart at the seams before they even knew they had one. These giants of economic forecasting were full-of-themselves certain that the economy would cycle into recovery and the recession would end in two years like all recessions do; and that jobs would gush forth just in time for voters to go to the polls to elect Democrats; and that voters, now deliriously ecstatic, would do this by majorities so vast that these White House wizards were drooling to swallow anything Snowe shoved at them if only she would agree to something or anything so they could get a bill passed and then loll about for a couple of years waiting for the economy to blossom; and, as anybody with half a brain knows, the recession would end as recessions always do, like ya know, in just about two years.  They could then proclaim their ingenious policy a grand success and wallow in the praise the pundits would heap upon them for wizardry unsurpassed in the annals of economic prognostication.

As we all now know and what the economic Einsteins, now in a self induced stupor, belatedly discovered, they were wrong.

The nation continues to suffer under depression like conditions as the economy worsens, business under-performs and Congress, as always, has its hands tied by Republican obstruction.

Through it all, the lady of Maine can smile unctuously.  For her double-dealing did indeed engineer the perfect economic storm:  an inadequate stimulus package designed to fail on cue right before the election.

And as for Obama, who couldn’t have selected a worse group of economic advisers, he is now left with the shambles he was duped into. Having agreed to a woefully inadequate stimulus package, he must now shoulder the blame for its failure and suffer the consequences as duplicitous Republicans proclaim the president’s entire economic agenda a total bust and accuse him of having failed America.

Because of his grievous miscalculation early in the administration Obama has lost all credibility on the jobs issue. His speech before a joint session, now with John Boehner’s permission, will be of no avail.  The Republicans set the trap to years ago and the president remains firmly in its grasp. 

Primary Constituent-Payoff Money

Obama displays strong leadership qualities – for Wall Street and the corporations.

The president has shown repeatedly that his first constituent is: The Payoff Money (sometimes referred to as “campaign contributions”).


The smile that beguiles. Does it reveal an empty soul?

Although his support remains strong among genetically disposed Democrats, polls show the president losing support among liberals.

Let’s not forget Barack Obama’s contribution to this sad state of affairs. He has failed liberals on every major issue of the day. The wars go on, health insurance is still in need of reform, financial regulation is meager at best, Net Neutrality will succumb to corporate demands, the Bush tax cuts are destined to become permanent and reductions in Social Security loom ahead.

We’ve lost the battle because Obama is on the other side. And with his recent appointments of high level advisers, he thumbs thumbs his nose at us.

The debacle of the recent elections tells us that independent voters have come to terms with Obama’s treachery. Liberals must now do the same and recognize that Obama is a Blue Dog pseudo-Democrat who has not earned the support of his base. Vote for Obama at your peril.

If no major candidate represents your views, when you vote in 2012 leave the presidential field blank. Abstention can speak loudly. Do not waste yet another vote.


It’s not really about 4%. Raising the tax rate from 35 to 39% is small coin. It’s all about dismantlin­g the social safety net. Huge pools of money will become available to Wall Street in that event.

It appears as though both parties are focused on the same goal. The Democrats can’t get away with it without a correspond­ing increase in revenues.

We do have a revenue crisis. Revenue collections are at their lowest levels as a percentage of GDP since the 1950s.

Let’s raise taxes on the wealthy.

About Unemployment

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Obama rejected the Fourteenth Amendment option much too quickly. But the path is still open if he can muster the gumption to use it.

If Republican­s raised a Constituti­onal question, the case would have to go before the Supreme Court. In that eventualit­y a defendant would have to show personal harm – a difficult propositio­n.

A shrewd lawyer could probably conjure up a ridiculous harm a la Bush v Gore and present the case. However,it would likely be recognized the world over as a purely political maneuver and be rejected by public opinion as such. Obama would have the people on his side – a powerful force if he chose to hammer the opposition with it.

Also, something to keep in mind is that the Court has no Constituti­onal authority to declare any law or action unconstitu­tional. That authority derives solely from precedent and an action of this type by the Court would raise questions of separation of powers, particular­ly in the event the president were to declare a national emergency and claim that he is invoking the powers granted to him by the Constituti­on as commander in chief.

Moreover, some scholars have pointed to the oath of office of the president and claimed that the oath itself grants the president the power to refuse to obey a law (or a decision of the Supreme Court) if he construes the law as unconstitu­tional.

The case of Andrew Jackson against the Second Bank of the United States offers some insight into the powers of the Executive versus the Judiciary. Jackson vetoed the law establishing the bank after the Court declared the law constitutional.

And in Worcester v Georgia, a pro-Indian decision of the Court with which Jackson disagreed, the feisty president is said to have remarked that “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it”. Marshall did not enforce it and avoided a confrontation with the Executive but the affair sheds light on the powers of the two branches vis-a-vis each other. 

So Obama has options. What he lacks is the courage to deploy his powers.

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