If it was clear before it has to be perfectly clear now that Obama wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare from the day he was inaugurated His rigged Cat Food Commission showed the inclination of this president to cut. And now in spectacularly stupid fashion Obama has admitted for all the world to see that he advocates cuts to two of the nation’s most cherished programs.


A shadow of his former self. He should hang his head in shame.

Obama agrees wholeheartedly with the Republican myth that the country has a deficit “crisis”. Of course the “crisis” exists in the mind of the president. Republicans know it is a myth because they are the ones who created it.

I suspect that Obama from the very start saw the deficit as the overriding issue of the day and he determined to become the president who tamed it. Perhaps he saw this one issue as the factor that would determine his legacy, his greatness as a president. All presidents are driven by big egos. Obama seems to have one that is larger than most.

He therefore set out to cut the two major programs to garner support from the wealthy who hate and to establish an indelible mark of greatness to his presidency.

He has of course miscalculated badly. He will now be forever maligned as the president who sought to take the first steps to dismantle the programs. He not only agreed to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block; but he sought as well to put you and me and countless millions of Americans on the same chopping block.

It’s beginning to look like the so-called deficit “crisis” was an excuse to begin the dismantling of the two most popular programs in the U S today.

Obama should be ashamed of himself!


What’s the Matter with Liberals???

What’s the matter with Kansas??? The same thing that’s wrong with liberals.

File:Barack Obama calls Space Shuttle Atlantis crew 2009-05-20.jpg

Would you buy a used car from this man???

Kansans vote fundamentalist religious values and in the process slit their own economic throats.

Liberals vote progressive social values and slit their throats as well.

How can this be? Liberals voted overwhelming for Bill Clinton, a president who tended somewhat toward the left on social issues. On economic issues, however, Clinton was a right wing extremist. NAFTA alone convicts him of that accusation since he supported that rigged trade agreement despite protests from many of his most ardent supporters.

His wholesale abolition of the New Deal regulations – laws that separated investment and commercial banks – validate the accusation even more pointedly.

Yet liberals supported Clinton during his second term despite the travails of that period. And many still believe he is one of our better presidents regardless of the disastrous legislation he signed into law. Even today, knowing that Clinton wanted to cut Social Security and sent his chief of staff, the Southern landed aristocrat, Erskine Bowles on a mission to right winger Newt Gingrich, to discuss ways to slash the program, libeals defend his record. So what’s the matter with liberals?

An then there’s Obama, a decidedly right wing president on economic issues. Not the euphemistically centrist or moderate. But thoroughly right wing. If he goes much further right he’ll be approaching nut job status.

Here is the destruction he has wreaked so far. He’s seeking approval on three one sided trade agreements; extended tax cuts for the rich; signed a payroll tax cut and seems to want another one. The alarms should ring out here. Payroll tax cuts skim money from the Social Security savings account, money that will eventually have to be replaced from general revenue, leaving an opening for SS haters to attack the fund as contributing to the deficit.

Did I mention that Obama agreed to cuts in SS, Medicare and Medicaid? No. Well, as we all know by now he did.

What could be farther to the right than those policies? This man on economic issues is a verifiable right wing extremist.

And yet liberals are already making excuses to vote for him in 2012. The Republicans are worse they say. Worse than what? Conditions are already worse under Obama.

Yes. He does tack left on social issues but in some cases he had to be pushed hard. So if liberals support Obama because of social issues and Kansans support conservatives because of social issues although from opposite ends of the spectrum, we have to ask the question: What’s the matter with liberals???

Here’s one other excuse for voting for Obama. One that I even applied to myself. He will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who lean left. Well, not so fast. If he does win a second term, and that likelihood is appearing less likely with every passing day, he would no longer be constrained by reelection worries. He is therefore free to go either way. And given his recent right wing behavior he could very well see fit to nominate corporate friendly appointees to the Court.

What other excuses are left to support Obama? I’m sure liberals can uncover them. But it begs the question: What’s the matter with liberals???


Not even Republican­s are prepared to accept Obama’s drastic cuts to the social safety net.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

The primary reason for Republican intransige­nce, however, is a fossilized aversion to desperatel­y needed tax increases.

A great mystery here is why so many dirt poor people are willing to cut their own throats to give tax cuts to the fabulously rich.

There is a very simple solution to the deficit. Let’s raise taxes on the wealthy. By doing so the deficit will begin to decline.

Deficit hysteria by the way has been fabricated to promote the idea that there is a “crisis”. The propaganda swirling about the issue gives to the right wing a golden opportunit­y to initiate the destructio­n of the safety net and finally realize a decades old vendetta. But the deficit has not reached “crisis” proportion­s.

The genuine crises in America are the unemployme­nt crisis and the impending health insurance crisis. If allowed to proceed at the current pace America risks becoming an impoverish­ed nation. Not to address these genuine calamities represents a dereliction of duty on the part of our elected representative.


Exactly what cuts the president is proposing is unknown. That apparently is a state secret.

The $4 trillion figure however should give an indication of the size of the cuts.

The new tricky scheme for Social Security cuts is called the “chained CPI”.   It ties SS COLAs to a lower inflation index and reduces living allowances­.

For people forced to live on $10,000 or $12,000 dollars a year such a change represents a drastic cut.


Obama has accomplish­ed some good for working people. But on the overriding issues of the day he is a failure.

More to the point, he is the man who has killed genuine reform..He killed the public option and opposed vital financial reform – the two pieces of legislatio­n not withstandi­ng. He also establishe­d a Cat Food Commission and then rigged it by appointing right wing extremists to important positions. And on taxes for the wealthy and drastic cuts to social programs, time and time again he has sided with the GOP.

Democrats who support a handful of social issues like to call themselves “centrists­”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. On the critical issues of the day too many Democrats, including Obama, stand far to the right on the political spectrum.


I would like to propose an idea to strengthen Barack Obama. Perhaps we should send him back to a neighborho­od in Chicago where he can better apply his assets. Now doesn’t that sound like a good way to strengthen him?


The next time you’re in the bank where you have your savings account, ask the banker to show you the “lockbox” where he keeps your deposits. That should get a good chuckle out of him.

Money in a lockbox does not earn interest. So Social Security savings have been used to purchase U.S. Treasuries – the safest investment in the world – where the savings earn interest and increase the value of the SS savings account.

When you hear right wing extremists promoting the idea that SS is broke because there is no lockbox, keep in mind that there is no lockbox anywhere in the world for any savings account. To keep money in a lockbox is a foolish idea because it cannot earn interest there.

The lockbox myth is simply another form of propaganda used by the right wing to claim that SS is broke. It is not. It is doing just fine and with a little tweaking it can survive forever.

And that is why the right wing is so desperate now to realize its life-long vendetta against the program.  They will never give up their fight to destroy the SS – mainly by profitizing it – but recent developments such as the recession present the best opportunity in decades to realize the generational dream:  To destroy the program as it is presently structured.


Barack Obama and the sacrifice gambit. Ridiculous­. The shared sacrifice theme is dead. The president has been ridiculed by Republican­s for months and that attitude is so ingrained that there is no hope that they will ever compromise­.

The president needs to invoke the Fourteenth Amendment, declare a national emergency and order the Treasury to sell bonds.


Here is a scary scenario. The president sides with Republican­s. He desperatel­y wants to cut safety net programs and to keep tax cuts for the wealthy in place. He just needs to be placed in a box of his own making, with a little help from Republicans, so he can peddle excuses for his right wing behavior.


At present it appears likely that Obama will be defeated in 2012. It is the Republican’s race to lose. And they may well do that. But Democrats might better begin to focus their energies on 2016.

Conditions will be worse under the Republicans but in all likelihood they will overreach and be ripe for a crushing defeat in 2016. And who knows, perhaps this nation has another FDR waiting in the wings.

The Dems got crushed in 2010 for one reason and one reason only: Barack Obama’s duplicity on the health insurance issue, in particular his killing the public option and conspiring with the pharmaceutical industry to gain their acquiescence on the legislation.

He has been Machiavellian on many issues, moving rightward while triangulating with his supporters. His behavior has been clumsy however and now stands exposed. His may still win the votes of those who supported him in 2008. But the independent vote is gravely in doubt. See the election of 2010.

If the GOP doesn’t manage to lose the election, Obama is a one termer.



Real world words liberals should be using – instead of euphemisms – to expose the vast right wing conspiracy that exists in the United States today.  Contributions are welcome.

File:Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg


The wealthy ruling class in America. They rule by controlling government through gifts of payoff money to elected officials.



Voodoo economics, also known as supply side. A deeply flawed theory of economics developed by Milton Friedman of the Chicago School of Economics. It’s ideas are intended to benefit a small portion of the population of a country and always the rich.


National Savings Plan  

A term to use in place of “entitlements” for Social Security and Medicare.


Payoff Money

Campaign contribution, a euphemism for payoff money, which is money grubbed by elected officials in exchange for votes. Politicians chase payoff money like flies swarm fill in the blank.




Word to substitute for privatizing, as in profitizing Social Security. Profitizing associates the right wing plot to destroy Social Security with Wall Street greed.


Rigged market

A trade agreement such as NAFTA; debunks “free” market mythology such as that spouted by Ayn Rand; the market in which petroleum is bought and sold. OPEC is a monopoly, the very opposite of a free market. We can speak of a rigged market in gasoline since supply is rigidly controlled by an oligopoly of super sized corporations. It is then awarded to the highest bidder in a bidding war on a commodity exchange.


Right wing extremist

Members of the Republican party and of the Clintonista pseudo-Democratic movement.  A term to be used in place of euphemisms “centrist” and “moderate” for right wing Democrats who support conservative economic issues.



The Republican party’s agenda for the U.S. economy and the American middle class. It is a political movement among right wing extremists whose goal is to gain a fascist-like control of government by banishing political opposition.



A member of the Republican party.



A life long grudge held by the ruling class in American against the social safety net since its inception.


Wage slavers – What Republicans refer to as job creators.

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The clip art sketch is in the public domain.


If Obama were a liberal:


The man has revealed himself. He is utterly transparent. He is a right wing conservative.

He would have fought tooth and nail for a $1.5 trillion dollar stimulus. Instead he agreed with Republicans that an $800 or so billion dollar stimulus was sufficient

The so-called stimulus that Obama signed was designed by Republicans to fail. It contained approximately one third tax cuts, one third aid to the states to help stem job losses and then one third to create new jobs. As such the stimulus was inadequate. But it was designed to fail and it did.

Now Republicans are blaming Obama for the failure of their intransigence. Why? Because Obama agreed with the GOP that the stimulus was sufficient and didn’t fight for a real stimulus.

If Obama were a liberal he would have fought for a single payer health insurance plan – Medicare for All. He could have compromised with the public option and gotten it. Instead Obama abandoned single payer and fought against the public option inducing members of his own party to reject it.

If Obama were a liberal he would have ended the wars by now. Instead he has seamlessly adopted the policies of the previous right wing administration on the wars and all the injustices that attend those miscreant policies.

If Obama were a liberal he would have ended the destructive Bush tax cuts out of hand. If he were a liberal he would have maintained an unalterably intransigent stance against them. Instead Obama is a supporter of tax cuts for the wealthy.

As for the debt ceiling negotiating fiasco now under way, it is utterly clear that Obama has been prepared from the outset to surrender Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to Republicans. Why? Because Obama is on their side. He believes Social Security and Medicare are “entitlements”. Just like Republicans. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The plans are contribution based and represent the savings of the American people. And recall he is the man responsible for rigging his Cat Food Commission with right wingers.

He is willing to surrender these plans to the life long vendetta held against them by right wing extremists. Make no mistake. Obama’s capitulation will open the floodgates to future drastic changes including the profitization of both Social Security and Medicare. The senior health insurance plan is already under a vicious attack by the GOP in the form of Paul Ryan’s Kill Medicare obscenity.

A liberal would be forcing tax cuts down the throat of the GOP and accusing them of dereliction of duty for refusing to raise the debt ceiling and thereby threatening to implode the United States of America. Instead Obama is himself derelict for disregarding the two genuine crises that beset his nation: Unemployment and health insurance.

Democrats have got to clear the smoke from their eyes and realize that on the overriding issues of the day, Obama’s views line up squarely with the GOP’s. As a Democrat Obama is indeed a failure. As such he must be replaced or marginalized by the party.


If Obama continues his hard charge to the right he risks splitting the Democratic party or destroying it altogether. True Democrats – not imposters like Obama – must come to the realization that Obama is a right wing extremist and deal harshly with that reality.

File:Barack Obama on phone with Arlen Specter 4-28-09.JPG

Leave him to his own devices. He has shown no loyalty and is owed none. If Obama does not decline to run he will lose in 2012. To abandon him is a matter of self-preservation for the Democratic party and its members. Begin the planning for 2016.

Loyal Democrats must therefore begin to think the unthinkable: Demand that Obama decline to run for a second term. He has become a liability to the party and could very well ruin whatever chances it has for success in 2012. There is still time but the left wing of the party must act quickly and decisively knowing that it owes no fealty to the disloyal Democrat in the Oval Office.

Other avenues are available to deal with this apostate such as a challenge at the convention or a split convention or even individual members disassociating themselves from the president and his policies. These paths all represent risky steps. But Obama is taking the party on a road to possible extinction and he must be stopped at any cost.


Things just got worse. It is becoming moot whether conditions for the working and middle classes get worse under a right wing extremist president who is a Republican or under a right wing extremist president who is a Democrat. In any case, conditions for the lesser classes are becoming steadily worse under right wing Obama.

File:Obamas escort Bushes to helicopter.jpg

There is no question that George Bush was a right wing extremist. A large portion of his votes came from the most staunchly conservative sections of the country – the fundamentalist and, in many areas still deeply racist, South and Southwest; and the rural Midwest and upper Midwest.

Bush however made few egregious promises to his supporters.

He was however very loyal to the payoff money that bought him the presidency. The reckless tax cuts exemplify that fealty.

Obama however is a backstabber. He campaigned as a progressive populist but did an abrupt about face even before he was sworn in. His advisers and appointments testify to his reversal. He openly abandoned his campaign promises before the inauguration and revealed himself to be an opportunistic liar.

Liberals have got to come to the realization that Obama is an apostate. He renounced his platform with a speed seldom witnessed even in the mendacious political arena. He has demonstrated that his fealty lays with Wall Street and the corporations and that his needs his supporters only one day every four years.

Obama is yielding to his opponents out of crass political opportunism.

The question before those of us who feel betrayed by this apostate is should we allow ourselves to be victimized by the Rahm Doctrine – Emanuel’s wily proclamation that liberals have nowhere else to go and so can be marginalized and ignored.

The only reason that remains to vote for a right wing president is to influence the makeup of the Supreme Court for the next generation. Kennedy and Bader Ginsburg will almost certainly be leaving the bench in the next few years. The hope, now perhaps wistful, is that Obama will will appoint jurists who are at least somewhat left of center. Such is by no means guaranteed. Freed from the constraints of reelection he may just as likely appoint corporation submissive conservative judges to complement those who already degrade the Court.

Obama will run a campaign of promises and blame his shortcomings on Republican intransigence. The promises are sure to morph into lies. Republicans have already begun a campaign of lies. The outcome of the election as always will depend on who lies best. May the best lie win.

Under these circumstances, would it not make sense for liberals to abstain from voting for president. A Republican may well win; and conditions will certainly grow worse. But 2016 is just around the corner. And perhaps, just perhaps, this nation has within its soul one more Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one more man of the people, to rescue us from the tyranny of payoff money.